Rules for engagement

1. Armenian singers aged 18, who have records of their songs in presence, can take part in the competition.

2. It’s necessary to fill in the blank on the site, put in your photo (your group), as well minimum one track for taking part in.

3.Claims are received during a year since 1-st of April every year.

4.The music material must be in MP3 (320kbps) format and belong to you. You must point out the right name (title) of your song, music work without fail.  Each participant / collective can place from one to five records during the whole project.

5. Sending us the form containing records, the participant confirms, that he is the author of its music material, and also takes responsibility for any claim according to the  author’s and adjacent questions.

6. Sending the form you accept the conditions of the site about voluntary placing of given materials on the project’s portal and for broadcast of your composers on the air of radio station “Radio Van”.

7. After sending the form passes moderation. Administration has a right to refuse participants, who don’t correspond to the rules of participation in the competition or if loaded work infringes the competition’s conditions and/or rules and regulations of the competition and/or don’t correspond to the competition’s level.

8. After passing, the moderation your profile will be added on the site no later than the 1-st of every month.

9. One may vote for participant from the moment profile’s appearance on the site.

10. The voting accomplishes once a month by one user.

11. All the participants can share the reference on your profile with your friends (specially for it is fastening to facebook), and invite them to vote for your work. The participant can take off the work from the competition, sending an inquiry through the form of inversely connection.

12. The wrapping of votes is categorically forbidden. When using wrappings services and/or other methods, contradicting to results of competition, the fair participant will be notified about possible leaving from the competition. After the second notifying the participant leaves the competition without an opportunity of rehabilitation.

13. At the end of the month exactly at 00:00 o’clock on the last day of the month the voting is stopped on the site and the winner of the month is fixed.

14. The winners of month become winners of people’s voting, receive diplomas and rewards on the competition’s Gala concert.

15. In January jury determines special nominants among all participants of the project at its discretion.

16. All participants confirm their participations in final Gala concert of the project, which goes on the 28-th of February every year in Yerevan.